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Empowering Breast Cancer Survivors
to thrive 

Hello & Welcome


Gabriele Cursons after Breast Cancer Surgery. Archer Trials for fun in the Similkameen Valley

Imagine transforming your life from a story of illness to a story of wellness.

Regaining Self-Esteem / Self-Confidence

Finding freedom of fear and anxiety

Igniting your Dreams

Let's explore this journey together.

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Gabriele Cursons

I 'm Gabriele




I am also a:

  • Women's Midlife Empowerment Coach

  • Public Speaker on Breast Cancer Prevention

  • and Breast Cancer Thriver​

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​Are you ready to transform your story?

​To live life to the fullest after Breast Cancer?

Gain back your confidence and self-esteem?

to get Clarity, build Confidence,  embrace Hope and find Peace of Mind 

Work with me

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What is

your story?


Surviving Breast Cancer or thriving after Breast Cancer?

Does that story of illness still leave you vulnerable, fragile, and fearful, not only of the now, but also of the future?

You did the treatments; you beat Breast Cancer; your life goes back to normal. 

But -  what is normal?  You're not the same person anymore.


  • ​Your confidence is broken.

  • Your self-esteem is shattered.

  • You live in a body you don't recognize anymore and find difficult to love.

  • Your "battle scars" are a constant reminder of what has happened to you. 

  • You can't shake off your exhaustion, pain or weight gain.

  • Fear of recurrence is causing stress and anxiety.

  • Anger and negative thoughts keep dominating your life.

  • You struggle to get your life back.

Gabriele Cursons Breast Cancer Thriver

 Whatever has happened in your life, you can't change the past. 

 But living in the now and exploring your life can positively influence your future - transforming your life for the better.

It is never too late to write a new chapter, a new story for your life.


I know what it feels like.

I have walked in your shoes.

I had to write a new story.

In 2013 my Breast Cancer diagnosis brought my life as I knew it to a standstill.


Gabriele Cursons Breast Cancer thriver

 I had so many questions and fears, including...

  • Why me?

  • Could I have prevented this?

  • How will I manage day to day living?

  • What about my family?

  • Who can give me encouragement, support and help? 

  • Is change really needed to get better? If so, where do I begin?


I wished I'd had a Health coach at that time, helping me find answers.To help me not only emotionally and physically but also mentally and spiritually.

I struggled to find the hope and energy to keep going.

Things clicked along for a few months and then I started slipping again.

I realized how important guidance and accountability is.

Want to lean more about my story?

Let's create a unique-to-you roadmap, so that you too can say:

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.


Work with Me

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and a sense of


  • ​We connect the dots between who you are and who you want to be.

  • I help you embrace hope and create a life-affirming path towards health and well-being.

  • Reconnect with yourself and gain back your confidence and self-esteem.

  • Together we design a roadmap that is manageable, enjoyable, and unique to you.

  • Feel seen, heard, and understood by someone who has walked in your shoes.

  • I listen to your concerns with an open mind.

  • Our coaching relationship will be a trusting and encouraging partnership.

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Making healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes is not always easy and takes time.


To create these changes,
we must first acknowledge what, within our selves, is in need of healing or changing.

You have to do the work.
You have to put yourself in the driver's seat.

But you don't have to travel this road on your own.
As your coach I will be your guide by your side.

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I partner with you to provide ongoing guidance, encouragement, and a sense of accountability.

I support you in your efforts toward reaching and maintaining your health and wellness goals.

Health and wellness includes many areas of your life: 

Nutrition, Relationships, Finances, Career, Hobbies, Spirituality, and more. 


Health and wellness coaches are not physicians, counsellors, therapists, or dieticians.

Health and wellness coaching does not replace or substitute for a diagnosis or treatment provided to you

by your regular healthcare providers.


Any advice given is not meant to take the place of the advice given by any of these professionals. As a health and wellness coach, I do not provide a second opinion or try to alter the treatment plans recommended by your regular healthcare providers.


Help you nourish your body, mind and soul, and find calm and peace

Stressed Woman

Give you hope,

guidance, encouragement,

and support

Help you get to know yourself, create a vision

that inspires you, and set goals and action steps 

What my clients are saying

"I really don't know how I would've managed over the past few months of battling serious health challenges without Gabriele's wonderful support and guidance.

Her calm, patient, and sensible advice, delivered with constant good humour and genuine care has made all the difference to my experience.

Prior to working with Gabriele, I was not aware of health coaching.

Having now benefitted so much from this experience, I would absolutely recommend that anyone struggling with serious health challenges seek out her support."

Philippa M.

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